Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to make a custom IT build successful?

Don’t worry. You simply need a strong desire and commitment to change. Three-12 will guide you through our solutions process and help you identify areas to improve. We help find the right solution options and execute the strategy with best practices. We will assist with options that will be just right for your organization.

What if I don't know exactly what I need?

Three-12 can quickly assess the quality of your current system. We can assure you that we will guide you through the process to provide the most secure, efficient solution with your best interest in mind.

What type of support is available?

When you have critical customers, customer support is also critical to your success. Three-12 provides the best customer support for your custom solution that is tailored to your needs.

What is the fastest way to get my project completed?

The Three-12 agile process makes the most of any agile framework available. This ensures the project gets done quickly with the best quality.

What is best way to build a custom system?

Custom builds require real experts and a very good solution process. Three-12 provides these resources and stays with you as a partner for continuous improvement.